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Testimoni Keberkesanan Penggunaan Transfer Factor Sebagai Ikhtiar Rawatan Penyakit

Pengalaman menggunakan TF untuk penyakit diabetes


I have a thyroid goiter and have been on medication for many years to control its size. Even with the medication, I have always been able to see or feel it. On the fourth day after starting transfer factors, I noticed that the enlargement (goiter) on my neck was smaller. After using transfer factors for about ten days, my goiter had noticeably improved. I hadn't even thought transfer factors could help. But I'm still feeling great.
Gaye L.

I have hyperthyroid for the past 11 years. Because of this, I developed asthma and my heart also have problem (heart beat extremely fast until my blouse can feel the heart beat). My heart and liver were also swollen. I feel very weak, tired, no appetite and every time going in and out from hospital. I have tried many supplement but none can help, even traditional treatment. In May 2005 I was introduced to Transfer Factor (TF) during a seminar in Langkawi. I started taking 2 capsules x 2 times a day. I had healing process but after that I slowly recovered. I was supposed to go for a heart operation in Institusi Jantung Negara (IJN - National Heart Institute) in Kuala Lumpur in December 2005. Before I went for operation I had a final checkup where the doctor told me that my heart had recovered and I didn’t need the heart operation. I am now well and healthy. Thank you Transfer Factor.
Wan Ruzila.


Hyperthyroidism is an overfunctioning of the thyroid gland. This overfunctioning results in the production of too much thyroid hormone. Because the thyroid hormone controls many bodily functions, this increase in the thyroid hormone level causes these bodily functions, such as heart rate, or in some cases blood pressure, to increase, sometimes to very dangerous levels.

Hyperthyroidism can be caused by Graves' disease, which is an autoimmune disease and Graves' Disease is the most common type of hyperthyroidism.

Auto-immune means that the disease is caused by a malfunctioning of the immune system of the body - the very system which also protects us from such unpleasant things as bacteria and cancer cells. The immune system works by producing antibodies (such as lymphocytes) which attack and destroy many bad elements in the body, such as virus, bacteria, etc.. The problem is that sometimes this good defense system gets confused and starts attacking good cells.

In Grave's Disease, antibodies are produced that attack some of the proteins on the surface of thyroid cells. In response, the thyroid cells produce too much thyroid hormone, which, in turn, over-stimulate the thyroid.

If this person has Graves Disease, he should be consuming Tri-factors or Advanced. He would have to consume six to eight capsules for awhile to help balance the immune system.

Mike Akins.

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism for 4 years, to the extent that my Thryoid activity was nonexistent. During this time, I've been on different dosages of Synthroid medication & Cytomel with little to no effect. Within a week and a half of starting on transfer factors, I had blood work done. The blood work showed a positive result in my Thyroid activity. After continuing on the transfer factors for another month, to my surprise (and my doctor's) the results of my last blood work came back totally normal! Other than my "previous Thyroid condition," I also have Lupus, a condition that I have been plagued with for 7 years; but thanks to transfer factors I have more energy than ever, and I have not experience any pain in my joints since I started transfer factors. For me I can say that TF are a Godsend.
Bianca Pagan.

The doctor diagnosed hypothyroidism. My wife's thyroid was not functioning - she was very tired all the time, couldn't remember things, was constipated, she became moody and gained about 35 pounds. Since taking Synthroid beginning in 1994 and changing her lifestyle (regular exercise & also taking vitamins and trying to improve her diet), she lost most of the weight, no more constipation, moods are better, and she feels much better, but worries about taking Synthroid for the rest of her life. Unknown

I think that TF alone might very well be helpful for your wife. There is a chance that she has Hashimoto's thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease affecting the thyroid gland. TF starting at 1-2 caps daily and slowly building up to 6 caps daily over several weeks might be helpful in re-educating the immune response. It is certainly worth a try. Be sure that her doctor follows her thyroid function along the way. Hope this helps.
Dr. David in Maine

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's when I was pregnant with my daughter; had gestational diabetes as well. I refused Synthroid supplements and my internist was just monitoring me regularly. Each case is different, however. My daughter is 12 now, has an IQ in the top 3% and is in special class for talented and gifted education. TSH, which is thyroid stimulating hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in response to insufficient free circulating thyroid hormone, needs monitoring through blood tests. I started following Dr. M's recommendation and as a result two times in a row, at 3-month recall, my synthroid supplement was lowered. I started TF 1x3/day first week, then 2x3/day. It is, after all, as Maria mentioned in her post, an autoimmune condition and TF addresses autoimmunity by modulation. If I was in your situation, however, I would make sure I get my antibodies checked to make sure it is Hashimoto's, as well as TSH and T4, usually endocrinologists or internal medicine specialists are recommended for anything regarding endocrine glands.
Hope this helps,Daniela

Fiziol Zh. 2000;46(4):58-65.[The immune reactivity transfer factor as a modulator of lymphocyte functional activity in rats][Article in Ukrainian] Holeva OH, Paster IP, Liubchenko TA, Paster IeU, Kholodna LS, Zamotaierva HA, Hrodzins'kyi DM. Taras Shevhenko National University, Kiev.

The transplantation of the thyroid tissue is one of the perspective methods for rehabilitation of thyroid gland functional disorders that appear due to the influence of insufficient environmental conditions on organism. By means of micromethod of lymphocyte blast transformation reaction on the base of [3H]-thymidine shift the functional activity of the Wistar rat's splenocytes was studied in case of radiation induced hypothyroidism with or without xenotransplantation of newborn pig thyroid gland organ culture. It was found that the level of thyroxine and triiodothyronine significantly decreased in serum of irradiated animals, the lymphocyte proliferation level was also reduced (by means of radioiodine introduction in dose of 8,325 MBk/mmole). Application of thyroid gland tissue xenotransplantate in this model of hypothyroidism helped to achieve the increasing of thyroid hormones levels in serum and rehabilitation of lymphocytes functional activity. The opportunities for correction of immunological disorders with the help of transfer factor of immune reactivity preparates were investigated. Transfer factor--is a low-molecular weight leukocyte extract (J 10 kD) with immunomodulating activities. This preparates activated the proliferation of splenocytes from animals with hypothyroidism and animals with hypothyroidism after xenotransplantation.


The information herein is intended to be informative and not to diagnose or treat any illness. We do not claim that 4life products directly prevent or cure any disease. We do not suggest that anyone should replace traditional medical treatment with our products. 4Life products are promoted for their ability to enhance the effectiveness of our natural immune system functions. On this site you will be exposed to many testimonies and nutritional ideas. We encourage you to use common sense and prudence in evaluating testimonies, research, and the opinions of the individuals. Testimonies can be based on "placebo effects," which basically means that you can experience temporary results just because you really believe you will get better. Placebo results generally fade a way after a short period.

We never advise anyone to replace traditional treatment of an illness with a nutritional protocol. When one's life is involved, we advise using all traditional medical treatment that is available. We do believe an immune system that is at its peak efficiency can be very beneficial. It is very dangerous to encourage anyone with a serious illness to replace professional medical treatment with any natural protocol. Everything we recommend is in conjunction with regular medical treatment. When you read testimonies or studies on a certain condition, keep in mind that illness is a very complex situation. To a degree, our bodies are different. We may have different genetic tendencies, there may be different causations for the same condition, the chemistry of each body may be different enough to respond to treatment differently, etc. When you are ill it is important to have as much working for you as possible. Diet, exercise, habits, nutrition and medical assistance are all important in putting the odds in your favor.

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