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Testimoni Keberkesanan Penggunaan Transfer Factor Sebagai Ikhtiar Rawatan Penyakit

Pengalaman menggunakan TF untuk penyakit diabetes

Bronchitis & Pneumonia

"I have had bronchitis for some time. I have taken two bouts of antibiotics. After one week on transfer factors the symptoms were much better. I started to come down with a cold. I loaded up on transfer factors, the next day I had no symptoms. I am very impressed with this product. The science is solid."
Fred Moore.

My partner Barbara and I have worked for 4 years with herbs & vitamins to restore my health. Transfer factors have done that in less than 3 months! Over the past 4 years, I have experienced chronic bronchitis, sinus infections, and other conditions. I take every herb or vitamin I can get a hold of to build up my immune system. In the last 6 months, I have been on antibiotics 4-6 times with sinus infections. I started taking 6-9 transfer factors a day. Within 3 days I started breathing better than I had for 4 years. Transfer factors are the only thing that has been able to bring my energy level back up to where it used to be.
Julie C.

For the past fifteen years I have suffered from chronic bronchitis, regular sinus infections, and severe allergies. I suffered from fatigue, migraine headaches, joint pain, and an overall weakening. After eight months Transfer Factor™, I am a new person. I feel like Transfer.

A child in my care, with a type of muscular dystrophy had a serious bout with Bronchitis, and 72 hours on 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ cleared her breathing pathway completely.

When I first joined this company, I was really eager to try transfer factors because my 9-year-old grandson had lung congestion for months and decongestant pills and cough medicines were simply ineffective. I gave him two capsules of transfer factors. When I got home, my daughter called to report that there had been no coughing since we’d given him transfer factors. The next morning, the cough that he had had the last several weeks was gone. I have had lifetime attacks of bronchitis and laryngitis, neither desensitization nor strong medications ever helped. the other day, I had to mow the lawn before more rain so I fortified myself with transfer factors and went out into that pollution, expecting to mow only 1/4 of an acre and then quit because I’d be in trouble. I was having such a good time and no problems at all that I did the entire year and was looking around at the neighbors’ yards to see if they’d mind if I did theirs. I’m feeling good with no coughing at all since the transfer factors. This is the very first product I have ever taken which has demonstrated immediate improvement. After a lifetime of sluggishness my immune system must be shocked and delighted, and so am I.
Marilyn K.

My 4½ year old son has been sick ever since he was born. We went to the doctor at least once a month. In December of 99, he had croup and pneumonia in the same week. We started giving him TF. He was well within a week. He has only been to the doctor twice since then. It is working great for him. I'm so glad 4Life came out with TF Kids™ because now it will be so much easier to give TF to him everyday.
Kristy Griewahn.

Two to three times a year I get pneumonia and the last time was about a month and a half ago. I became ill on a Saturday went to the doctors and was immediately put on antibiotics and went straight to bed. A friend came over on Monday evening with TF+ and I started taking it on Tuesday. I slept Tuesday, Wednesday I was able to unload the dishwasher, cook dinner and crochet two pairs of slippers. Thursday I cleaned the kitchen, did some house cleaning, made dinner and even went out with a friend for an hour. I couldn’t believe how I felt in such a short period of time. I will never be without my TF.


The information herein is intended to be informative and not to diagnose or treat any illness. We do not claim that 4life products directly prevent or cure any disease. We do not suggest that anyone should replace traditional medical treatment with our products. 4Life products are promoted for their ability to enhance the effectiveness of our natural immune system functions. On this site you will be exposed to many testimonies and nutritional ideas. We encourage you to use common sense and prudence in evaluating testimonies, research, and the opinions of the individuals. Testimonies can be based on "placebo effects," which basically means that you can experience temporary results just because you really believe you will get better. Placebo results generally fade a way after a short period.

We never advise anyone to replace traditional treatment of an illness with a nutritional protocol. When one's life is involved, we advise using all traditional medical treatment that is available. We do believe an immune system that is at its peak efficiency can be very beneficial. It is very dangerous to encourage anyone with a serious illness to replace professional medical treatment with any natural protocol. Everything we recommend is in conjunction with regular medical treatment. When you read testimonies or studies on a certain condition, keep in mind that illness is a very complex situation. To a degree, our bodies are different. We may have different genetic tendencies, there may be different causations for the same condition, the chemistry of each body may be different enough to respond to treatment differently, etc. When you are ill it is important to have as much working for you as possible. Diet, exercise, habits, nutrition and medical assistance are all important in putting the odds in your favor.

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