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Testimoni Keberkesanan Penggunaan Transfer Factor Sebagai Ikhtiar Rawatan Penyakit

Pengalaman menggunakan TF untuk penyakit diabetes


A friend of mine told me that I should have my son on transfer factors. He has AIDS, so we got him on it. First of all he wouldn't take it so I was sneaking it to him in his drinks and from his first doctor's visit until the next one his viral load went down from over 400,000 to 191,000. After he started taking it knowingly by mouth, his next blood test was down to 40,000 on his viral load. So we are very excited and hopeful and I'm just thankful for what transfer factors are doing for my son. For me, this is what I've been looking for years and I really believe in it. It's fun for me to share this with friends and I really think it's going to be the greatest!
Connie A.

Raul is from Mexico; he has Aids and was very sick. He had lost a lot of weight and was taking two different treatments. He had also tried lots of products. Sergio his up line met with him at a meeting and had not seen him for a while. He was very surprised to find out he was so sick. He told Raul about TF+ and he immediately began to take it. It has been 2 months of 6 TF+ per day and he feels great. He is now eating, has gained weight, has energy and has gone back to his normal life. He is now taking only one treatment instead of two. He is very grateful to TF+ and Sergio for introducing him to it.
Raul, Mexico.

Tsidiso is 5 years. When he came to Nkosis Haven he was sick and his body full of sores and his ears were badly infected. He was introduced to TF+. So far his ears are fine and the sores on his body are gone. His weight was 10kg it is now 16kg.
Gail Johnson, S.Africa.

Grace is 42 years old. She well an d full of energy when she came to Nkosis Haven in July of 2000. Her CD4 count was 388 and her weight was 59 kg. Her memory was poor, since being on TF+ her memory is normal and her strength is at 110%.She works very hard and seems to be gaining more energy. Her CD4 count is now 411 and her weight is mow 70kg. She has made an extraordinary recovery.
Gail Johnson, S.Africa.

Feroza is 26 years old. She came to Nkosi Haven in Dec 1999. She was very thin and frail. She needed assistance in walking, bathing and eating. Her hearing was bad, memory very bad, eyesight fair and body strength at only 17%. For a number of times, Feroza has been admitted to the hospital and her health was deteriorating. She was also pregnant. Weighed only 28Kg. Her CD4 count was 43. After 3 months on TF+ her CD4 went up to 78 and her weight to 52kg. Now her CD4 count is 163, her weight is 55kg and she is able to take care of herself and her son. For a woman whom we have said goodbye to 7 times and 7 times she has bounced back and is very healthy and seldom sick except with occasional bout of diarrhea.
South Africa.

Cynthia is 27 years old. She was so weak when she arrived at the haven that she could not even lift her baby. She also couldn’t do simple task of mopping the floor. She weighed 44kg, Two weeks late she was put on TF+. Two weeks later there weight was up 7kg. Because of her cough and not being able to gain any strength, TB test was done which came back positive and was put on a TB treatment along with TF+. Her CD4 count on arrival was 297 it is now 340 and her weight is now 63kg. Her body strength has returned. Her eyesight is good, as is her memory, and she is able to take care of herself and her baby.
Gail Johnson.South Africa.

An early success with Immune Boosting naturally in a young man with HIV. Kenny is a 20 year old with Hemophilia who contracted HIV many years ago from "dirty" clotting factors used to treat his Hemophilia. Kenny has been on many regimens for his HIV, including most recently (within the past year), an experimental regimen with no positive response. If anything, he suffered from many of the side effects of retroviral therapy. Five months ago, Kenny started a high dose regimen of TF (3 caps 3 times daily) and TF+ (2 caps 3 times daily), concurrent with his experimental therapy. He has remained infectious disease free throughout his TF boosting. He also came to us with very exciting news three weeks ago: he has a ZERO viral count and an increasing, now close to normal CD4 count of 475. Is Kenny out of the woods completely? No, but he is now well on his way to possibly being disease free. His next counts are scheduled for six weeks from now and we will keep all posted. Kenny is a peer counselor and educator for HIV/AIDS and he is now spreading the word about TF and TF+ to members of the AIDS community. He is also a 4LR distributor and hopes to build a huge sales organization of persons challenged with HIV and Hepatitis C. As such, he said that he would not have to deal with the prejudices against those infected with HIV: seems that 4LR may just give Kenny a NEW LIFE, on many different levels. The power of TF/TF+ and 4LR continues.

Update 11/25/99: CD4 count now 525!!

Update (Winter 2000): As many of you will remember, we introduced Kenny, a hemophiliac young man who was diagnosed as HIV positive ten years ago. After many years of experimental meds, Kenny started taking transfer factors and enhanced transfer factors in high doses some 9 months ago. We announced his first ZERO viral count and almost normalized CD4 (white blood count) in our last QV newsletter. Now three months later, he has had repeated counts of ZERO HIV viral counts and a normal CD4 count. And continues to be infection-free! You may have seen Kenny's story in the November issue of Teen People Magazine. Now Kenny is sharing his extraordinary experience with others who suffer with HIV disease. Amazing what the immune-boosting power of transfer factors and enhanced transfer factors can do!

Update (Spring/Summer 2000): As many of you will remember, we introduced Kenny, a hemophiliac young man who was diagnosed as HIV positive ten years ago. After many years of experimental meds, Kenny started taking transfer factors and enhanced transfer factors in high doses some 12 months ago. We announced his first ZERO viral count and almost normalized CD4 (white blood count) in our first QV Newsletter. Now nine months later he has had repeated counts of ZERO HIV viral counts and his latest CD4 count of 600! And continues to be infection-free! As an adolescent peer counselor, Kenny has now started a newly energized effort to share transfer factors with the HIV world.
David Markowitz MD, Me.


The information herein is intended to be informative and not to diagnose or treat any illness. We do not claim that 4life products directly prevent or cure any disease. We do not suggest that anyone should replace traditional medical treatment with our products. 4Life products are promoted for their ability to enhance the effectiveness of our natural immune system functions. On this site you will be exposed to many testimonies and nutritional ideas. We encourage you to use common sense and prudence in evaluating testimonies, research, and the opinions of the individuals. Testimonies can be based on "placebo effects," which basically means that you can experience temporary results just because you really believe you will get better. Placebo results generally fade a way after a short period.

We never advise anyone to replace traditional treatment of an illness with a nutritional protocol. When one's life is involved, we advise using all traditional medical treatment that is available. We do believe an immune system that is at its peak efficiency can be very beneficial. It is very dangerous to encourage anyone with a serious illness to replace professional medical treatment with any natural protocol. Everything we recommend is in conjunction with regular medical treatment. When you read testimonies or studies on a certain condition, keep in mind that illness is a very complex situation. To a degree, our bodies are different. We may have different genetic tendencies, there may be different causations for the same condition, the chemistry of each body may be different enough to respond to treatment differently, etc. When you are ill it is important to have as much working for you as possible. Diet, exercise, habits, nutrition and medical assistance are all important in putting the odds in your favor.

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